Dear Daddy


Don’t know why, just thinkin’ bout you..

Can’t identify this feeling,

It seems very abdurd..very strange..

Long time not feel like this..

Since it happen, and you go..

You know what?

I still trying.. still pray the best thing for you

Even the pain still exist,

Now i know.

Realize with entire my heart that whatever u do,

Wherever are you

However it is…

You’re my daddy..It’s a real..

Hope u’re always gonna be fine..

Because here i’m fine..

Really fine

Be strong lady to through this life.. Keep climbing, keep the faith..

I’am very well, More than you thought..

Trust me !!

Have a big expectation, that u’ll change..

Be better and best !

More than I thought..

Just try to trust u..

Really !

Someday.. When u come,

In the moment we look each other,

I wish i can.. fulfill the powerful energy to my whole heart wisely..

And finally, ready enough to reveal: “I caring about you, dad..”

late of midnight

(in the moment i saw your shadow and suddenly missing you),..

April, 4th 2011

One thought on “Dear Daddy

  1. subhanallah…
    good daughter frend
    always pray your dad, as bad as he is in your mind…
    be a shalehah child for you papa… 🙂 like this…

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